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      General Information

      When was Gap Inc. founded?
      Where is Gap Inc. located?
      How can I request company information?

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      How can I open a franchise store?
      What is Gap Inc.'s fiscal year?
      What are the most recent sales results for each brand?
      When is the annual meeting of shareholders and how can I attend?
      How can I get a copy of the company's financial statements, such as the Annual Report, Form 10-K or Form 10-Q?
      What is Gap Inc.'s ticker symbol?
      Does Gap Inc. offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?
      How can I become a Gap Inc. shareholder?
      How can I find out how many shares of Gap Inc. stock I own?
      How do I transfer my stock or change my address?
      What is Direct Registration?
      Has Gap Inc. stock ever split?
      How many stores does Gap Inc. operate?
      I heard a store was opening/closing in my area. How can I confirm?
      What factors go into the decision to close a store?
      What happens to the employees impacted by the store closing?

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      Do you have any part-time jobs?
      Is there opportunity for career advancement between divisions? Does Gap Inc. promote from within?
      Can I apply for a position in your corporate offices from overseas?
      What do I need to apply?
      What are some search tips to find a specific job?
      How do I save my job searches so that I can use to search again in the future?
      I am an international student and would like to work at Gap Inc. Can I apply?
      How can I check the status of my application?
      How do I get additional application support?
      What should I wear to my interview?
      Can you give me some tips for nailing my job interview?
      Where can I learn more about Gap Inc.’s decision to increase the minimum hourly rate for U.S. employees to $9 in 2014 and $10 in 2015?

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      Other Questions

      I received a suspicious email from a Gap Inc. brand regarding an order I did not place. What should I do?
      I responded to an online job posting for a Gap Inc. job that requires me to upload personal financial information. Is this part of your hiring process?

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      Minimum Hourly Rate

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