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      We’ve been a premium fitness and lifestyle brand, creating versatile performance apparel to inspire a community of active, confident women since 1998. Designed for — and by — women athletes and active women, we integrate performance and technical features across our collection to carry a woman throughout her life in motion.
      In 2016, we launched Athleta Girl, mirroring our signature performance in styles for the next generation.
      At Athleta, our mission is to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential. We believe alone we are strong, but united we thrive; bringing this to life through the Power of She campaign.



      Alone we are strong, united we thrive. Together we create the Power of She.


      What we believe becomes who we are. These are the values that inform everything we create, the communities we build, and the stories we tell.

      Shop What's New

      Get outfitted for the sport you love. Shop new arrivals.


      Good things are in store. Fashion-fueled fitness and lifestyle apparel, free fitness classes with the hottest local instructors, events to fuel your active ways… plus all the must-haves: customer service, personal styling, and perks for fitness pros. 


      At Athleta we’re always reaching for amazing — and that challenge is what fuels us. We’re looking for authentic, passionate people who are fueled by growth and push to be their best selves. Is that you?


      Athleta's innovative fabric offers true 360-degree stretch in both length and width. Integrating this technology into designs tailored to maximize the performance potential delivers a collection designed for dynamic performance — helping the wearer feel great while she trains harder.